Pro bono access to Elucidata resources in the fight against COVID-19

Our COVID-19 data repository has 4500+ transcriptional datasets corresponding to SARS viruses, viral infections, therapeutics for COVID-19, normal lung tissue, and more. And it is free to access for anyone working on COVID-19 research.

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Sneak peek into the COVID-19 Data Lake on Polly

This video gives you a sneak peek into the COVID-19 database on  Polly With an intuitive analytical interface, investigators can start harvesting insights, identifying mechanisms, uncovering bio-markers or predicting responsiveness to therapies with user-provided or ready-made apps and workflows such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Pathway Visualization, Differential Expression, X2K Analysis, ENRICHR, GSEA, etc. across multiple datasets.

About the COVID-19 Data Lake

This data lake is available on our platform - Polly. It is a cloud platform that addresses the inefficiencies that exist in using biomedical data and tools efficiently. The platform serves as a single place for storage, reproducible analysis, and integration of high-throughput biomedical data. The data lake is bifurcated based on

- Tissue
- Organism
- Disease
- Platform

Together with our partners at Yale, our data science team is working to contribute whatever knowledge we can, to the global hunt for treatments and vaccines.


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