ASMS 2020

This year Elucidata is presenting 6 posters ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI) in omics, Data Lakes, Integrated metabolomic workflows, Fluxomics, PeakML and more in partnership with Agios Pharmaceuticals, Bruker, Yale University, NIH/NCATS, University of Louisville, SCIEX, and others. You can view the posters on the official link for ASMS using the poster codes.

Polly-PeakML: Uncovering the dark-matter of metabolomic space using a novel machine-learning algorithm for peak classification

With the advancement in high-throughput technologies, it is now possible to perform large-scale metabolomics studies. Key challenges remain in removing inherent noise, peak detection and manually evaluating the global profile of metabolites from multiple biological samples, which requires considerable time and expertise.

Richa Mudgal; Kailash Yadav; Sailful Bari Khan; Shashank Jatav; Kelly Marsh; Brian Dranka; Abhishek Jha

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Development of a high-content high-throughput screening platform using integrated omics to assess for impacts on metabolism ..................................

Three Thiazolidinediones analogs (troglitazone, rosiglitazone and pioglitazone) were used to study PPAR-Gamma biochemistry in HepaRG cells using a combined metabolomic-transcriptomic approach. HepaRG is a stem cell derived cell model that is biochemically similar to human primary hepatocytes.

John Janiszewski; Matt Hall; Sam Michael; Richard Schneider; Stephen Ferguson; Michael Iannotti; Rebecca Cardone; Richard G.. Kibbey; Raghav Sehgal; Qiushi Sun; Surbhi Poddar; Maheswari Karthikeyan; Sunil Dhakad; Darren Dumlao; Elias Padilha; Kelli Wilson

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Developing an Integrated Metabolomics Workflow: From High-Resolution MS Data to Biochemical Pathway Mapping Using Targeted and Untargeted Approaches

LC-MS has long been employed to profile metabolic pathways of endogenous metabolites. By combining LC elution, accurate MS, and MS/MS fragmentation, a degree of structural information is accumulated with high confidence toward unequivocal identification. ...........................

Richard Schneider; John Janiszewski; Sam Michael; Matt Hall; Stephen Ferguson; Michael Iannotti; Surbhi Poddar; Maheswari Karthikeyan; Sunil Dhakad; Raghav Sehgal; Rebecca Cardone; Qiushi Sun; Richard G. Kibbey ...........................................................

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AIomic: An Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled integrative Omics pipeline ..........

With the advent of high throughput Omic approaches to analyze biological samples, terabytes of genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, phenomics and other Omic datasets are routinely generated. ..................

Raghav Sehgal; Qiushi Sun; Rebecca Cardone; Richard Martyn Williams; Xiaojian Zhao; Surbhi Poddar; Richa Mudgal; Richard Schneider; Richard G. Kibbey

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DMDB: A database for drug interactions, metabolism and mechanism of action based on integrative Omics

The mechanism of action of ~20% of FDA approved drugs is unknown. For many more off-target effects remain poorly described. Compounds orphaned for one indication might have an on or off-target effect that benefit another indication in mono- or combination therapy.

Raghav Sehgal; Rebecca Cardone; Richard Martyn Williams; Xiaojian Zhao; Qiushi Sun; Surbhi Poddar; Richa Mudgal; Richard Schneider; Richard G. Kibbey

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Integrating MetaboScape and Polly for the analysis of LC-TIMS-MS and LC-MS based fluxomics

LC-MS based fluxomics studies provide researchers the ability to detect and quantify incorporation of isotopically labeled atoms into an organism’s metabolites. Ion mobility separation adds a further dimension for detection and annotation of metabolites.

Heino M. Heyman; Heiko Neuweger; Pawel Konrad Lorkiewicz; Bradford G. Hill; Kyle Fulghum; Shefali Lathwal; Avijit Zutshi; Brian Dranka; Swetabh Pathak; Abhishek Jha

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ASMS 2019

Elucidata presented 5 posters at ASMS 2019. These posters covered the A to Z in mass spectrometry.   Ranging from quantification, to flux analyses, to complete metabolomic analyses, our posters showcased ways to do them more efficiently and a lot more faster. View our posters to learn more.

El-MAVEN : First in class mass spectrometry data processing engine for metabolomics

Shefali Lathwal, Shubhra Agrawal, Raghav Sehgal, Surbhi Poddar, Rishabh Gupta, Saiful Khan, Sahil Kumar, Sabu George, Swetabh Pathak, Abhishek Jha

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Rapid automated absolute quantification of metabolites using Polly QuantFit to understand tumor nutrient availability

Abhishek Jha, Avijit Zutishi, Raghav Sehgal, Shubham Agarwal, Taranjyot Singh, Shefali Lathwal, Swetabh Pathak, Alex Muir, Caroline Lewis, Mark Sullivan, Matthew G. Vander Heiden

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Determining Pharmacokinetics of Cysteamine using Polly QuantFit: An automated and rapid absolute Quantification workflow

Swetabh Pathak, Raghav Sehgal, Surbhi Poddar, Shubham Agarwal, Taranjyot Singh, Shefali Lathwal, Abhishek Jha, Shawn M. Davidson

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High-throughput and Sensitive Data Independent Acquisition Workflow Differentiating Pre-Classified Healthy from Prediabetic and Diabetes Samples

Khatereh Motamedchaboki, Robert Proos, Sara Ahadi, Raghav Seghal, Hemen Boro, Abhishek Jha, Latha Palaniappan

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Automated High-Throughput Flux Analysis of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells Grown in vitro in Two and Three Dimensions

David Heywood, Suraj Dhungana, Johannes PC Vissers, Abhishek Jha, Raghav Sehgal, Amrita Cheema, Maria Laura Avantaggiati

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ASMS 2018

Download and view the posters presented by Elucidata at ASMS 2018.

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Rewired Metabolism of T-cells upon mTORInhibition: Development of an Integrated Omics Pipeline

Darren Dumlao, Samantha Hiemer, Mary Piotrowski, Shashank Jatav, ShefaliLathwal, Raghav Sehgal, Abhishek Jha, John Janiszewski, Hozefa Bandukwala

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Evaluation of Novel Software Tools for Automating Metabolomic Flux, Kinetics and Pathway Mapping

Baljit Ubhi, Loren Olson, Deepak Sharma, Kanika Sori, Raghav Seghal, Abhishek Jha

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Automating qualitative and quantitative flux pipelines

Shefali Lathwal, Sunil Dhakad, Tiago C. Alves, Abhishek Jha, Richard G. Kibbey

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PollyTM: A novel cloud-based platform for Metabolism labs

Abhishek Jha, Swetabh Pathak, Sabu George, Raghav Sehgal, Shefali Lathwal, Darren Dumlao, Mary Piotrowski, John Janiszewski


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