Polly for 
Core Facilities

A comprehensive mass spec omics offering for core facilities

Seamlessly integrate your existing analytical workflows to the Polly platform to provide maximum value to researchers.

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Why Polly?

Collaborate and Share 

We offer free access to our Polly platform for all core facility customers to view/download their raw or analyzed data using interactive reports

À la carte

Attractive subscription packages for academic core facilities. Áll workflows on Polly are licensed a la carte (you only pay for what you need)

Polly Enabled Services

Our dedicated expert team is available to run or customize any analyses that your users need.

Polly Research Partners

Dr. Richard Kibbey Yale School of Medicine Core Metabolomics Facility

Yale School of Medicine Logo Core Metabolomics Facility

Dr. Pawel Lorkiewicz University of Louisville Core Metabolomics Facility

University of Louisville Core Metabolomics Facility

"The Polly platform offerings allows different users with distinct ideas and expertise to contribute, build, develop, and take advantage of the research community as a whole."

Dr. Richard Kibbey (Yale School of Medicine)

"The Polly platform offerings has cut my analysis time from days to hours and produced comparable data output. It takes very little time to learn and can be made available to users with limited expertise of stable isotope metabolomics-based experiments."

Dr. Pawel Lorkiewicz, University of Louisville

Polly Features

A vendor agnostic platform for mass spec omics analyses in core facilities

Here's what you can do on Polly:
LC-MS, GC-MS, MS/MS analyses, untargeted, targeted, unlabeled, and flux studies.

Missing a capability you need? Polly is fully customizable.

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Take a look at our most recent posters and studies featuring Polly, presented at  ASMS 2019 .

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We make sure every user derives value from our core facility offering

Polly is a customizable cloud platform where your users can view, analyze and share their data effectively and securely.

Polly also offers an intuitive user interface that researchers and core facilities love.

Polly’s secure Cloud platform allows for indefinite file storage, project management, and collaboration.

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Get 10x out of each experiment with Polly

Perform a range of  downstream analyses on the data including absolute quantification of metabolites and integrated omics analyses using Polly offerings

You can directly integrate your data to Polly’s secure cloud platform.

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Polly   Industrial Partners

Polly CORE industrial partners  Waters, SCIEX, Bruker

Polly  Offerings

Polly IntOmix

Core facilities can go from raw data to pathway level insights in 15 minutes. Uncover a global picture of metabolic activity

Polly intomix for core metabolomic facilities

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Polly QuantFit

Core facilities can use our AI based model and find the best curve fit to find unknown sample concentrations

Polly quantfit for core metabolomic facilities

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An open-source high throughput metabolomics tool optimal for isotopomer labeling and metabolomic experiments

El-MAVEN for core metabolomic facilities

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Polly Services

Multiomics analysis capability, expertise in big public data, and insight generation. Core facilities can use these services

Polly enabled services for core metabolomic facilities

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