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Identify the most significant genes in your CRISPR screen

Polly CRISPR screening visualizes data analyzed with MAGeCK-VISPR algorithm on an intuitive, easy-to-use interface

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Cygnal Therapeutics is developing drugs to manipulate exoneural biology for the treatment of cancer, immunological diseases, and regenerative processes. Powered by a comprehensive, cutting-edge neurotechnology platform, Cygnal Therapeutics is discovering new dimensions of neural function.

CRISPR Screening analyses on an intuitive cloud interface

No more struggles with MAGeCK-VISPR’s command line interface.

F ind genes of interest sorted on beta scores with corresponding sgRNA plots and distribution curves.

All the magic of MAGeCK- VISPR now on Polly CRISPR Screening, including sequence, sample level quality check, and much more.

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7 reasons why you should switch to Polly CRISPR Screening from MAGeCK-VISPR

Store, process and share with Polly CRISPR Screening

Write custom scripts on iPython notebooks, generate knowledge repos and collaborate on Polly CRISPR Screening. Ran out of time to finish an analyses? Restore any time with a single click

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Get 10x from your CRISPR screens

Don’t stop halfway
Go the extra mile

Get 10x out of your CRISPR screens by performing a range of downstream analyses, beta score analyses, gene set enrichment, and more.

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Find the most relevant papers

Polly uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify relevant public datasets and literature on dropout screens, gene essentiality, synthetic lethality in your disease context.

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Polly CRISPR screening was able to identify previously validated targets in the CRISPR dropout screen, published in Cell Reports by Tzelepis  et al, 2016

Get 10x from your CRISPR Screens
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