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About El-MAVEN

El-MAVEN is an open source mass spectrometry data processing engine that is optimal for isotopomer labeling and global metabolomic profiling experiments. It's designed to reduce complexity in metabolomics analysis by using an intuitive interface for exploring the experimental data. The tool aims to make research faster and easier than ever before.

El-MAVEN Cross Platform Support

Cross platform SupporT

El-MAVEN can be run on all leading platforms. Installers for Windows and Mac-OS are freely available. Please contact us for running El-MAVEN on Linux

Open source El-MAVEN

Open Source

Free. Personalizable. The program's code is freely available. Integrate your own data processing methods. Coding instructions are in Developer Manual

Process large data sets on El-MAVEN

Process large data sets

Large-scale Metabolomics. Memory usage is optimized with multiprocessing to compute files larger than the system RAM. Tested for up to 200 GB.

Grouping in El-MAVEN


Simplified peak curation. This is a new feature that re-imagines data visualization to simplify your work. Track a metabolite across samples with a single visual. You can also visualize all peaks originating from the same ion as a single group in El-MAVEN.

El-MAVEN Automatic Peak Detection

Automated Peak Detection

Automatically detected peaks match the gold standard of manually curated peaks by scientists with other tools. Powered by efficient algorithms for improved alignment, grouping, and annotation. Curate peaks manually in couple of hours rather than days.

El-MAVEN multiple built-in tools

Multiple built-in Tools

Adaptable. Ability to process both MS as well as MS/MS data from liquid and gas chromatography based mass spec experiments. The variety of widgets provide flexibility in your workflows. Perform Targeted, Untargeted, and Isotopic Analysis with a single tool.

Metabolomics simplified and accelerated.
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We aim to improve the odds of translating phenotypic screenings to therapeutic strategies by accelerating the process of drug discovery. Metabolomic analyses is a major part of all drug discovery journeys. Our platform El-MAVEN is built to integrate end-to-end workflows for these analyses.

625 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor 
Cambridge, MA - 02139

E: elmaven@elucidata.io

El-MAVEN Training covers
Human Metabolome Disease
Metabolomics definition
Metabolomics journal
Metabolomics analysis

El-MAVEN Training covers
What is metabolomics
Define metabolomics
Metabolomics study
Mass spec
Mass spectrometry definition

El-MAVEN supports
Mass spectrometry
Gas chromatography mass spectrometry
Tandem mass spectrometry
Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry