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AI-enabled platform to integrate biomedical data for asset discovery

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Why Polly?

Biomedical data continues to grow in  variety, volume   and  complexity but remains underutilized.

Polly enables the utilization of this data to 
discover therapeutic assets. You can host workflows for omics and phenotypic data analyses. These workflows are currently being used by scientists at organizations like Pfizer, Cygnal Therapeutics, NIH, and Yale to cut down the time required for end-to-end analysis  from  weeks to minutes.

Polly is the  preferred  data analysis platform of  leaders   across industry and academia.

Polly Customers

Scientific Community Approves

Polly is featured in several high impact journals including Nature, Cell Metabolism, Molecular Bio, Immunity, BioRxiv, and more.

Polly is also featured in 7+  ASMS  posters



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Polly and El-MAVEN

Polly Offerings

Polly Discover

Polly Discover

AI-enabled technology for integration of biomedical data to enable Biologists to discover therapeutic assets

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Polly Compute

Polly Compute

Robust, scalable, and secure computational infrastructure for bioinformaticians to build, manage and operate custom pipelines

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Polly Pipelines

Polly Pipelines

Suite of customizable pipelines for Analytical Chemists & Biologists to analyze and process variety of biomedical data

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Polly Discover

Polly Discover Workflow


Integrate biomedical data to discover therapeutic assets using AI

Access a variety of public databases with Polly Discover

Harmonize biological data across various platforms and sources

Translate your analyses into crisp actionable insights

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Polly Compute

Integrated computational environment for R&D teams

Share analysis using One-click reports

Host & deploy Jupyter Notebooks & R Studio

Develop and deploy Shiny & Dash apps

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Polly Compute Workflow

Polly Pipelines

Scalable data analysis using your workflows

Polly Pipelines Workflow

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Analyze multi-omics & non omics data using reproducible workflows

Build and customize production ready workflows within minutes

Share data and analysis with relevant stakeholders with a single click

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