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You can also work on integrated omics through Polly IntOmix.

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"Polly workflow is really straightforward and easy to use. I really appreciate the clean and extensive interface. The workflow has allowed me to cut the data analysis from days to hours and produced comparable data output (to workflows I currently use) that is actually easier to manipulate and plot. Having worked with stable isotope labeled MS data, I know how much work it takes to reduce and properly analyze these data sets. El-Maven and Polly reduce the time and hassle and significantly increase throughput. Further, the workflow itself takes very little time to learn and can be made available to users with limited expertise of stable isotope metabolomics-based experiments."


Pawel Lorkiewicz, University of Louisville

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"Polly allows different users with distinct ideas and expertise to contribute, build, develop, and take advantage of the research community as a whole."

Dr. Richard Kibbey  (Yale School of Medicine)

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"The Polly software is very powerful for Omics research. SCIEX is very happy with our partnership."

Joe Doktorski,  SCIEX

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"Polly lets me see how my samples from the experiments fit with respect to the standards and I can just play around with curve fitting parameters very intuitively."

Raaisa,  Yale University

Elucidata partner companies - Pfizer, UCLA, Van Andel Research Institute, University of Louisville, Laval University, Yale School of Medicine, Cygnal Therapeutics, IPSEN, Nextgen Jane, Inception Sciences

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