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PollyPhi Relative LCMS


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Polly Phi Case Study

Optimization of Experiment Design for Mass Spectrometric Isotopic Labeling Kinetics

Determination of metabolic fluxes by measurement of time-dependent sampling of isotopic enrichments during the administration of labeled substrates provides rich information...


PollyPhi Benefit

NA Correction in Minutes

Experience for Natural Abundance Correction is seamless and time taken for analysis is in minutes

PollyPhi Benefit

Pathway Dashboard

Pathway Dashboard to show enriched pathways and flow of labels

PollyPhi Benefit


Incorporate your custom requirements like dual labeled NA correction, pre-processing, visualizations and more

PollyPhi Benefit

Wait Less, Do More

End to end workflow takes less than 30 minutes

PollyPhi Benefit

Analyze on the Move

Perform rejection of peaks and labels on the cloud

PollyPhi Benefit

Pristine Results

Quality check over data with PCA and correlation analysis

Customer Speak

"Polly workflow is really straightforward and easy to use. It has cut my data analysis from days to hours and produced comparable data output that is actually easier to manipulate and plot. Polly reduces the time to properly analyze stable isotope labeled MS data. Further, the workflow takes very little time to learn and can be made available to users with limited expertise of SIRM experiments." 

Pawel Lorkiewicz, PollyPhi User

Pawel Lorkiewicz, University of Louisville

Richard Kibbey, PollyPhi User

"Polly allows different users with distinct ideas and expertise to contribute, build, develop, and take advantage of the research community as a whole."

Dr. Richard Kibbey,  Yale School of Medicine

Joe Doktorski, PollyPhi User

"The Polly software is very powerful for Omics research. SCIEX is very happy with our partnership. Polly Phi has made targeted metabolomics for our customers breezy!"

Joe Doktorski,  SCIEX

Raaisa, PollyPhi User

"Polly lets me see how my samples from the experiments fit with respect to the standards and I can just play around with curve fitting parameters very intuitively."

Raaisa,  Yale University

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Perform metabolomics flux analysis, 13c metabolomics flux analysis and work with flux networks and perform multivariate analysis.